Thursday, March 30, 2006

CCRR, Mystery RRR Pic, Nova D.C. & White Tanks Race

The Red Rock Racing junior 1-2 punch was at it again last weekend at the Colossal Cave Road Race. The race course started off with a long-fast decent, followed by some rollers and finished off with a climb up to the finish. Tyler came in 1st and Zach was close behind to take 2nd in the 10-12 category. Wohoo!! Complete results from the event and photos can be found at .

I found this great picture of a RRR racer in the 24hr of the Old Pueblo at . Anyone know who it is?? (BTW - I changed the settings on the blog so that you do not have to be a member to post a comment. Just click on the "Comments" link below any post to reply.)

I know that several RRR racers competed in the Nova Desert Classic last weekend and they did very well. Results can be found at - . Congrats to all that competed! Hopefully some of them will post up their experience from the event. (Jen???)

Tyler and I will be heading out to the White Tanks this Friday to camp out the night before the MBAA #3 race. We will have a "Team Area" set up for everyone. If anyone cares to join us, look for the RRR banner! I will have fresh Late for the Train coffee (RRR Roast, of course) brewed up for everyone in the AM!

Monday, March 20, 2006

RRR Juniors take 1st & 2nd at AZ Time Trial #3

Last weekend at the AZ Time Trail #3, two Red Rock Racing Juniors took 1st and 2nd in the 10-12 category. Zach Edwards took 1st and Tyler Coplea was 17 seconds behind him to take 2nd place.

Congradulations to both Zach and Tyler!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

First, I have to say that this event is one of the best this state has to offer. Organizer Todd Sadow has this thing dialed in, and the weather this year - although cool on Friday - was just primo for fast paced riding. Tinker Juarez was appropriately honored throughout the event, including a dinner dedicated to him on Friday night. Although we didn't attend, we could hear the cheers from the expo area as various friends/family spoke on Tinker's behalf. Word is he is stepping up the endurance effort for a shot at RAAM this summer. Good luck Mr. Glutton for Punishment. You have to think that Juarez will do well though. I've been in the same 24 hour race as him 3x now, and the guy is nothing but fast, friendly, and you can just tell that he enjoys the life he's living. Red Rock Racers were representing Flagstaff well, with Mark Wille's team definately in charge of their category. I think they finished 2nd in the Men's 4-Open, averaging around 1:10 per lap. I was part of a mens 4-Open category, albeit with 3 amigos who flew in from out of state. One was in shape to ride, one was in shape to ride some and drink beer, and the third was in shape to drink beer and talk about riding. So we were nowhere near the podium, but we had a great time drinking IPA, eating cheap burritos, and sipping good coffee - while turning in a mixed-bag of lap times. The track was sick-fast. Even the often talked about "bitches" were just high-speed bumps on an otherwise rocket-fast track. Some of the singletrack was as hard as pavement, and the washes were dry and easy to cross as long as you were back off the saddle. Our Friday pre-ride expunged almost all of the mechanical issues for the weekend on one lap of the 15 mile or so loop. Three flats and a loose headset were the extent of it for our "sturdy" team of 4. The Lemans start was a riot with, what....something like 400 riders "running" down a dirt road. Our first rider was off fast,but he walked back to the starthouse 20 minutes later with a broken valve on his tubeless setup. I changed into the riding duds, grabbed the brain bucket, and started the first lap :35 or so minutes behind the last person out of the Lemans start. That was just great for my morale- and my heart rate was pegged in about the first 40 seconds because of it. Well I finally started catching riders over the last 3 miles of the course. The great part was, everyone I was coming up on thought I was in first place - lapping them - so I used that to my advantage to get around the masses up the climb before the drop to the starthouse. The lap time was estimated at around 1:04, so that was not too bad for an old guy. I ran into the Red Rock Racers from Sinagua High during the night laps. I have to say that either Sinagua High or RRR have got to have a fundraiser to get Matt Boness a good light. The kid is a pretty fast rider, but I was able to reel him in after his 10+ minute head start at night because he was throwing down a headlight that was yellower than that of an old flashlight. I think these guys finished in the top 1/3 of teams though - nice job for sure.

Congrats to Wille's team and to the Sinagua High racers. The new RRR KIT got a lot of compliments from other teams. Its classy, cool and the quality of the clothing is great. LOVE the Castelli shorts.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Red Rock Racing Team Blog

We are just getting this blog going for the Red Rock Racing team. This blog is for all team members to use to post ride or race stories, pictures, experiences, thoughts or anything else that you may like to share. Keep in mind that your posts will be read by adults, children and sponsors. Please make sure the content is appropriate. We look forward to your contributions on our team blog!

Please check back soon for updates and more info.