Monday, April 28, 2008

Whiskey 50

The Whiskey 50 last weekend in Prescott was quite an adventure, and I think most of us in Flag could feel that it was 3 weeks earlier than previous years. Congrats to all the Red Rock Racers I saw out there getting it done! Gary Phillips, Chris Wilkins, Joth Jacobson, Scott Bajer, Eric Bohn, and Alex Alvarez to name a few. And special thanks to Marty Coplea (aka the purple pimp) for cheering out on the course!

Last year I managed to win this race but this year I had to treat it like good training miles. This was my first time racing up from Skull Valley without going around the Peaks first, so it was harder in that regard. I finished 6th after cramping something fierce and a couple of minor crashes. Gary had a much more epic story to tell, flying off his bike on one of those tall sketchy waterbars on the descent (racers you probably know exactly which one I'm talking about, the one with the rock), and crashing so hard he knocked his headset loose. After repositioning his shifters, brake levers, etc. he had another spill, sliding down the trail on his rump and ripping his shorts. This boy is a trooper! All this happened on the first gnarley descent and he still turned left and went down to skull valley and finished the race. One thing Gary will never do is quit a race and it's inspiring because some people quit races so easily. We both were about 20 minutes slower than we were last year but half the battle with races like these are getting it done and keeping a positive outlook. That we both manged to do pretty well.

You win some and you loose some. Here is a pic from our triumphant victory in the Co-ed Duo category (against Mr and Mrs Travis Brown) at Dawn to Dusk! Thanks to Chris and Dana for taking the photo and for loading us up in their Subaru for the trip to Gallup.

And in other news it looks like Summit Center is officially off the schedule for Memorial Day weekend, so who's up for a road trip to Angel Fire for the Chile Challenge?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Red Rock at MBAA and more

Hey team! I wanted to give a huge shout out to some of our team members racing in the MBAA Series. This past weekend's Prescott race saw the following R3er's on the podium - I also included everyone's current Overall standings in the MBAA Points Series:

  • Sue Rawley - 3rd and 1st Overall - in Points Series (a/o Race #4)
  • Deb Martin-Wille - 4th and 3rd Overall
  • Stephanie Hawthorne - 5th and 4th Overall
  • Amber Naughton - 5th Overall (19-39)

(nice Red Rock podium representation - Great job!!)

Beginner Women:
  • Isabella Naughton - 4th Overall (0-12)
Expert Men:
  • Mark Wille - 5th and 8th Overall

Sport Men:

  • Robert Gooch - 9th Overall
Great Job to everyone for their commitment to the MBAA series and for racing strong!

ALSO, Gallup's Dawn to Dusk had a handful for Red Rockers on hand:

Men's Solo 35-44
  • Corey Coplea - 11th
  • Chris Wilkens - 17th
  • Chris Bosselmann - 22nd

Duo - Coed Team:

  • Gary and Kristen Phillips - 1st

(taking down Mr. and Mrs. Travis Brown - I believe more to come on this one)

Looks like a big group headin' to the Whiskey fitty this weekend too!!

See you there - cw

Monday, April 14, 2008

welcome to the RRR Board; Chris Wilkens!

It is with great honor that we welcome Chris Wilkens to the RRR Board!

Thank you Chris for STEPPING UP and SERVING this sport that we all love so much!
May your rolled up sleeves next to us prove fruitful for all RRR Team Members!


The RRR Board; coach, Rob, and Chris B.

here is Chris W. cranking at the Mt. Charleston HillClimb...look, Mr. SingleSpeed found an actual chainring changer!!!

The Family: Kym, Kyler (age 5), Kyra (age 2.5) and CW.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Congratulations to all the Red Rock Racers who went out there and slugged it out at the Nova National this last weekend. The weather and the course at McDowell could not have been better. Some might say it was hot, but for me it was a welcome change from the freezing cold wind that signifies spring in Flagstaff.

I signed up for the Nova Marathon to drop kick myself into getting the mileage that I’m now (very) behind on. All and all it was a good experience, and nice to get the first race of the season out of the way. I ended up second in the women’s Pro/Open field, not because I’m fit (yet) but because apparently not many other women think riding 70 miles at McDowell sounds like fun.

Me, I'm a glutton for punishment I suppose. I spent most of the winter learning to skate ski and working on yoga, now flash forward to April and I’m just now getting back on the bike. That's ok, 'cause time is on our side up here in the high country. Our season is just beginning... and it's going to be the summer of all summers here in Flagstaff. Just ask ol' Schultz Creek here. She'll tell ya...

See you next weekend at Dawn to Dusk!

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Saturday Morning Club Rides are now CRANKING!

the Saturday group road rides are up in full swing.

Meet at our sponsor Pay-N-Take Downtown Market, were Paul is serving free coffee to everyone riding. Ride will depart at 9:00am and head out Lone Tree to Lake Mary Rd. The ride will make a restroom stop at the "mailboxes" and continue out towards the first "test" of the day, the steps. These short steep series of climbs will see the first pace increase. Everyone will wait a normal period of time for "dropped riders" to regroup before heading around Mormon Lake. Just before the lodge there is a mass sprint for the Mormon Lake Lodge sign. At the lodge, there is a substantial break allowing for the purchase of foodstuffs at the store, use or restrooms, and refilling of water bottles. From there the group heads back to town in a fast "race simulation fashion, with the No Passing sing just before the Lake Mary Store serving as the figurative "finish line". From this point people usually head home slower but in separate groups.

The group ride, while fast, can provide for an exciting time, and a great training effort. Myself and Rob Hastings are almost always on the rides, so if it is your first time, give one of us a shout and we will keep an eye on you. Also I usually perform a sort-of sweep at the top of the steps, so if it is your intention to do the whole ride, I can usually keep the group waiting a bit for you to regroup if you come "detached" on the steps.

If you have any questions about the ride, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

Hope to see more of you out this Sat at 9 a.m.

Good luck to everyone racing.

Gary Phillips
Sponsorship Coordinator
Red Rock Racing