Saturday, March 21, 2009

Club Ride Time Change; next weekend!

Spring has seemingly sprung on the Saturday Morning Club Rides!
pov camera pic by ilg. yup, dat would be my thumb in lower left...

Hey Teammates!

just letting you know that the Saturday morning club ride has just blossomed to over 22 riders this morning
and that we're gonna switch the Start Up time at Pay n Take to 9:00 am starting next weekend...that would be Saturday, March 28.

head bowed and lets get some more RRR jerseys out there!!

coach steve ilg

Thursday, March 12, 2009

R3 and the MBAA Series is Crankin'

I'd like to give a shout out to Red Rock Racing - Our team is in 3rd place after three races!! Cheers to Red Rock Racing!!

Some highlights of our winning team in action:

White Tanks: Cat-1 (women) Amber Naughton 2nd; Deb Martin-Wille 1st; Sue Rawley 2nd; Stephanie Hawthorne 7th -- Cat-2 (women) Tammy Begler 5th -- Cat-2 (Men) Todd Lang 2nd; Jeremy Wilson 4th -- Juniors Bella Naughton 2nd

McDowell: Junior Bella Naughton 1st -- Cat-1 (Women) Amber Naughton 2nd; Sue Rawley 1st, Deb Martin-Wille 2nd; Stephanie Hawthorne 3rd -- Cat -1 (Male) Robert Gooch 8th -- Cat- 2 (Women) Tammy Begler 3rd -- Cat-2 (Male) Todd Lang 6th -- Marathon Ben Sullivan 3rd

Estrella: Cat-1 (Male) Robert Gooch 6th -- Junior Bella Naughton 1st -- Cat-2 (Women) Tammy Begler 2nd -- Cat-1 (Women) Amber Naughton 2nd; Sue Rawley 1st; Deb Martin-Wille 3rd; Stephanie Hawthorn 5th - with a special shout out to Stephanie for her supporting the injuried rider who was heli-vac off the course!!

other MBAA racers flying R3 colors: Chris Bossellman, Alex Alvarez, Mark Wille, Robert Naughton, Corey Coplea, Patrick and me - please let me know if I have accidentally missed some of you out there!

Thanks to Mark Wille for a great racin' buddy at Estrella - that was good fun Man - thank you!!