Wednesday, May 17, 2006

RRR Team Potluck

Greetings Teammates!

Since we're all going to be together this next Sunday afternoon at Buffulo Park for team photos, it seems like a good idea to try and make a party of it. So, bring your potluck dishes on, as well as your favorite frosty beverages (cans, no glass), and we'll have a good ol' time. If you can bring non food items such as coolers, ice, paper plates, etc., please email me at, and I'll try and coordinate these non-consumable goods. We'll have 3 picnic tables there, but if you want to be assured of a comfortable spot to lounge, bring a lawn chair or two.
Families of racers, especially the kids, are encouraged to attend. I'll proudly be displaying my own newborn daughter Leah. She was born Saturday at 9:30 pm. She weighted 7lb12oz, and was almost 22 inches long. She is perfect.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Monday, May 15, 2006

5/21 Kids Ride Change

I just wanted to update the kids ride schedule considering the recent announcement of Red Rock Racing team photo this coming weekend. To consolidate things a bit, rather than ride at Campbell Mesa on Sunday the 21st we will ride at Buffalo Park from 2-4 PM. The team picture will follow at 4. This serves a second purpose as well, on June 10th Flag Velo will be hosting a kids race at Buffalo park for ages 6-13. I would like our kids to be comfortable on the course and will encourage their participation in that event. This will be the second in a three race series they will host. The first event is May 28th at NAU, flyer for that race is here...

The first course can be pre-ridden in the hour before the race which starts at 3 PM. These changes will impact our June ride date, I will post that as it nears.

Hope to see you all out there Sunday,


Friday, May 12, 2006

TEAM PHOTO scheduled for May 21 at 4PM

Everyone should have gotten this via e-mail, but if not, here it is!

It's time to take our annual 2006 team photo. We have reserved the
ramada at Buffalo Park to take a (hopefully) professional-looking photo
with good light. The photo we took at the last team meeting was so
yellow because of the lighting that it was beyond repair. So we are
opting for an outside photo this time.

Meet at 4:00PM on May 21 at Buffalo Park. Plan on being there about 30
to 45 minutes. We encourage everyone to ride there but if you drive be
sure to bring your team kit (jersey and shorts). If you don't have team
shorts, wear black ones.

Our clothing reorder not be here in time, so if you are a new member
and/or need to borrow a jersey, please let us know as soon as you can
so we can arrange to bring one for you.

Sponsors are welcome to participate in this photo.

Show your team spirit and plan on being there for this photo. We
appreciate it.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fontana NORBA Nat. & Bikejournal

The Fontana, NORBA National was an awesome event. Great venue, great weather and great racing. Here is a quick RRR summary....

Ian Delaney competed in the Jr. Expert Cross Country event. They started off with the Pro Men and raced the same # of laps for about 30 grueling miles. Ian raced a strong race and achieved his goal of qualifying for the National Championships by finishing in the top 10. Congrats, Ian!

Tyler competed in the 11-12 Junior XC, 14 and under Mountain Cross and Downhill events. Due to a scoring "error" (long story), he did not qualify for the finals in the Mountain Cross. But, Team Big Bear did step up and offered him free entry to the next event. Ty took 1st in the XC event, and took 4th place in the downhill on a hardtail bike. I was just an "athletic supporter" this weekend - chauffer, wrench, team manager, photographer and "feed zone guy". Great times!

- More pictures from the Fontana event can be found HERE.

Dara Marks-Marino had a great showing in the Woman's Pro division. She placed 6th in the XC and 7th in the Short Track. Read more about her experiences HERE.

On another note, is a great free website tool to log and track your rides. We have set up a Red Rock Racking "Club" on the site. When you sign up, be sure and select your 'Club Affiliation' - "Red Rock Racing" and you will be in. You can view what your fellow teammates are doing and help us reach our team mileage goals. It is a fun way to track your rides and maybe motivate us to get out there and log some miles. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at

Sunday, May 07, 2006

La Vuelta de Bisbee

The quaint little town of Bisbee, Arizona hosted the 28th annual La Vuelta de Bisbee this past weekend. This race is known by most roadies (including myself) as one of the best classic stage races in the Southwest. There are three categories at the "Vuelta"; A (Pro, Cat.1 or 2), B ( Masters 30 + and above cat. 4), and C (Women). As you can see not the easiest race to get into if you not really fast, old, or female. Last year was my first time to get in and I realized that that is part of what makes it such an outstanding event. You go to Bisbee to race with friends and can pretty much rest assured that there will be no crashes or ignorant hostility in the peloton. This race is also really well run (thus the 28th years) and brings out some of the best competition in the SW. Red Rock Racing was well represented again this year by Eric Neat, John Sawasky, and Myself. We missed Gabe and wish him a speedy return to the races.
The action started Friday night with the 2.8 mile prologue through old town Bisbee then climbs 837 ft. up to Mule Pass. There was quite a head wind for this event so no records were broken but none the less some fast times were posted. Doug Loveday (Grand Canyon Racing) broke the record on this day last year and went on to win the event overall (2005). His time of 11:31 was only good enough for third this year. The major news of the race was Mark Aasmundstad (also GCR) won the prolouge beating Doug by 10 seconds. Eric led RRR in 16th (out of 101) 1:06 behind Mark, John in 21st and I in 24th 1:15 back. Saturday's Sulphur Springs road race (46+ flat miles) was a pack finish with no change in overall standing but again Mark got a time bonus for 3rd in the stage. Saturday evening is the almost flat (400 ft gain) Warren Time Trial, 7 mile out (tailwind downhill) and back (up an into the wind). This stage really mixed things up and was the turning point for my overall race. I pulled out a seventh place (37 sec's behind Doug's winning time) which moved me up into 13th overall. John dropped to 23rd and Eric to 35th G.C. 2:54 back. Mark was second and held G.C. lead. Sunday's Tombstone Road Race is the real deciding point of the race, flat for 52+ miles and then climb for 6 miles with one short decent thrown in. The three of us all struggled to stay with the lead group of about 15 that started the climb up Mule Pass again. John was the most successful at that endeavor and pulled of 13th while Eric and I were 17th and 18th respectively. I lost almost 2 minutes to the winner (Mark!) but settled into 14th G.C. John finished 16th and Eric 19th in the G.C. Mark won overall with Doug a close second! Hats off to the whole Grand Canyon team who worked extremely hard and controlled every minute of this classic event. RRR had three in the top 20 out of 95 finishers which is quite an accomplishment in my book. Flagstaff was well represented in every category as Drew Miller finished a close second in the A (Pro) race and Dara MarksMarino 5th in the C (Women's) event. Thanks to everybody from Flagstaff (13+ competitors) that made the trip up and made it a weekend to remember!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Crit Ride

From Rob Hastings...

I wanted to invite all the cat 4 and 5 riders to a new crit ride every Thursday at 5pm at Fort Tuthill. This will be a Crit only for Cat 4 and 5 riders, so if you're intimidated by the Wednesday Crit, this will suit you well.

Rob Hastings -