Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summit Center

Congratulations to everyone who raced in the Summit Center Classic this weekend! In today's paper four Red Rock Racers are named as local riders finishing in the top 3. Way to go Red Rock!

Official Red Rock Racing GC results:

Cat 3 men
Gabe Keck – 6th
Gary Phillips – 23rd

Cat 5 Men
Karl Granoth – 3rd
Jesse Rens – 13th
Rob Hastings – 16th

Cat 4 Men
Jeremy Wilson – 3rd
Todd Lang – 12th
Bob Verderame – 19th
Chris Wilkens – 22nd

Masters Men 45+
Mark Wille – 8th

Cat 4 Women
Sue Rawley – 13th

Cat 3 Women
Kristen Hayden – 2nd

Masters Women 45+
Deb Martin-Wille – 2nd

Great job!