Friday, December 28, 2007

Off Season Fun and Focus...oh, and WAAAY Better Fitness!

tired of leaving the high carbon footprint traveling to Sedona and even further south?

burning all that fossil fuel doesn't sit well with your spirit, does it?....i mean, really, just to train?

why not mix it up?

like Gary does! chances are, Gary is faster than you on a bike...and after an Off Season of doing my HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA CLASSES AND some nordic skiing with me?


you think he is somehow gonna be SLOWER than ever before?!!?

i think not...

and, in this case...
i happen to know...

Gary BEFORE his Skate Ski Clinic with me, and...

...Gary about 30 minutes into his Skate Ski Clinic with me...look at that weight shift! look at that Hang Arm! he's already looking like Vegaard! yeah baby!


"Coach, I have to warn you, I am gonna give you a big hug after this session with you! Thank you!"
- Gary Phillips, Semi-Pro MTB Racer/Board Member;RED ROCK RACING

private Nordic Ski Clinic's available, not to mention, Online Training...just email me!

Let's share some yoga and Cold Sweat together this Off-Season!!!


Om So Ti,
coach ilg

(note; coach ilg is a former Nordic U.S. Jr. National Nordic Combined Team Member and a sponsored, Multi-Overall Champion in nordic ski racing.)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Coach's Student nabs a 5th Place at Nationals!

yet another National Podium for a WF Warrior! Sammy Morse, far left in Kansas City at the United States CycleCross National Championships!

El Coache,

Thought I’d pass along to you a couple pictures from my experience at Cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City. The conditions were an absolute mud and ice fest! I managed a 5th place and the last place on the podium. By the way this was predicted by student Featherman*! I made a major mistake by only taking one bike to the race, with one to go I lost two places as my poor mud and ice covered bike only had two gears left! That said I’m thrilled with the result. I must tell you WF has been an amazing part of all my preparation for my cycling, especially yoga and morning practice.

However the best part of the weekend was watching my 12 year old son take 6th in a very deep field!

Happy Holidays to you Joy and Dewa,


* here, Sammy is referring to my Online Student Mark Featherman who placed 2nd in the PA State CycleCross Championships!


The above two cyclists can only train with me via my DVD's,books, and Online Training...YOU can train directly with me two times per week at the:
Northern Arizona Yoga Center

what are you WAITING FOR? your OFF SEASON is running out! NOW IS THE TIME TO GET TO CLASS!

other students who you may recognize; Andy Hampsten, Penny Davidson, Sara Ballantyne, Ned Overend, Nelson Vails, Scott Berryman, Ron Jones, Michael Secrest, Brian Smallwood, and MANY MORE! let's SWEAT TOGETHER!