Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red Rock Racing Women State Champs

(Red Rock Racing Women: Stephanie Hawthorne, Deb Martin-Wille, Sue Rawley, Tammy Begler, Amber Naughton, Isabella Naughton)

The women of Red Rock Racing cleaned up at the Mountain Bike Association of Arizona State Championships in Flagstaff on June 13, 2009!

The following women are the 2009 Arizona State Champions after winning both the final race in Flagstaff and the overall point series in their respective categories:

Isabella Naughton (Junior women, 1-10)
Tammy Begler (Cat. 2, 40+)
Amber Naughton (Cat. 1, 19-39)
Sue Rawley (Cat. 1, 40+)

(Women's Cat. 1 40+ Overall Series Podium: Deb Martin-Wille, 2nd, Sue Rawley, 1st, Stephanie Hawthorne, 3rd)

Additionally, Deb Martin-Wille finished second and Stephanie Hawthorne finished third in both the final race and in the overall point series in the Cat. 1, 40+ category!

What a great MBAA series and season for all the Red Rock Racing team members!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Saturday's Ride and BBQ ;)~

The Beginning: Sunny - 70 - Smiles
(what a cute looking bunch!)

The Ride: R3 was in peak Season form for this ride
(Rocky Ridge -Elden - Red Onion)

Red Onion - Little Bear - Little Elden
(Some went up Elden for the MBAA Race pre-ride)

Right Before the Rain!!
Schultz was FAST and Raining - SWEEET!!!
The BBQ - Seemed a whole different day
(Stormy, Cold, Wet and still a Good Time!!)

Bella, how did you spend the day?
(Bella our U23.. U9... Star... spending time with Dad learning the joys of Big Air!)

Future Red Rock Racing?